-Welcome to Blakeley Construction!-

Blakeley Construction is a family owned and operated
company that was started in 1962 by Charles and Lorraine Blakeley. Their son, Dick Blakeley (President and Operations Manager), and his wife, Kelly Blakeley, (CFO and Office Manager) now run Blakeley Construction.

Our team at Blakeley is close to our community and is
loyal and true to all customers. We are a small grading,
paving and excavating company. 

Dick worked with the company throughout high school and became full time 1971. Dick took over as president, also taking over the outside operations of the company, which includes meeting with the clients, estimating and overseeing jobs. ln 1976, Ann Allard (Dick’s sister) came to work for the company and then became Office Manager and later CFO. In 1980, Ed Blakeley came to work for the company and then became Maintenance Manager and later Vice President. In December, 2008, Ann Allard and Ed Blakeley sold their ownership of the company to their brother Dick Blakeley and his wife Kelly Blakeley. Dick Blakeley remains President and Operations Manager of the company. Kelly Blakeley is now CFO and Office Manager of the company.