• The purpose of the initiative is to correct an injustice.
  • Blakeley Construction has been providing agricultural businesses and property owners with essential services from its current location since 1962, and until September, 2014, Napa County officials treated Blakeley Construction as a legal business.
  • County officials repeatedly told Dick Blakeley and his father that the business was "grandfathered", meaning that the business was legal, though nonconforming.
  • County officials hired Blakeley Construciton over and over again to do emergency repairs after major flood and storm events, never once expressing any concerns about the legality of the operation.
  • Since 1991, County officials conducted regular on-site inspections of the business premises in conneciton with the County's hazardous materials program, never once expressing any concerns about the legality of the operation.
  • Napa County Code Enforcement official Ed Colby inspected the property in 2006 and 2012, and found no code violations.
  • The Blakeleys believed, based on the words and conduct of Napa County officials, that the business they purchased from the family was a legal, nonconforming business.
  • Accordingly, when County officials told the Blakeleys that their business could not operate legally at its current site due to zoning regulations, the Blakeleys responded by asserting that as a matter of justice and equaity, the County should acknowledge that the County's conduct had led the blakeleys to believe their business was legal, and should therefore issue a certificate of Legal Nonconformity that would allow the business to continue.
  • Couty officials denied the Blakeleys request, telling the Blakeleys that the County's hands were tied (by the law), and that the only solution was for the Blakeleys to put an initiative on the ballot that would legalize their business.
  • In the meanwhile, the Blakeleys have corrected all the building code violations on the property, and have fully complied with a court order that will, if the initiative does not qualify for the ballot and get approved by the voters, terminate their business.
  • If approved by the voters, the Blakeley Initiative will recognize that Blakeley Construction is part of the County's agricultural support system, and that due to the small number of parcels with businesses that would qualify, permitting such grading and paving businesses to continue will not be detrimental to the Agricultural, Watershed and Open Space policies of the General Plan.‚Äč
Hi Everyone! We are very excited to share that we are on the Ballot for June!

We would like to thank all those who support us.

Thank you to all who volunteered and helped collect signatures.

Thank you to all those who took the time to sign our petition.

We thank all of you who spread the word about our initiative and who continue to do so.

The fight is not over yet, we still need to spread the word about our initiative and VOTE!